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Of Grandmothers, Masks, and Psychic Abilities…

My mother’s mother, my maternal grandmother, told me she had been born within a veil. In other words, she was born with a caul, or mask formed by the amniotic fluid, covering her face.

Tradition in the southern United States,


Of Altruism, Old Age, and The Circle of Life …

Generosity of spirit requires trust–faith that what you give will be received and appreciated and /or conveys assistance or good, and belief that in giving you will not go lacking.

Certainly we must give within our means, not more than we can afford. Altruism does not ask that we put ourselves at risk. To do that places us in a position to lack the ability to give in the future. And no one wants that.

And yet we cannot always wait until comfort


Of Pessimism, Doubt and The Need for Escape …

I would not suggest that the entire Cherokee nation has a problem with speaking harsh words, both to others and internally. And yet that has been my experience. Growing up with my mother I did not have learn how to reprimand myself. Experience as my mother’s daughter bequeathed me a well-developed inner critic.

I have internalized all her sayings, those spoken to me and for my benefit, along with others generalizing life and others.

My bouts with depression and my predisposition to blame


Of Gallstones, Anger and Healing Yourself …

My mother kept emotional matters close to her chest, except when she became rageful and began hitting me and/or my brother in the guise of spanking us as a form of discipline.

I wish my mother had talked more and hit less. Now she talked a lot as it was. The words she spoke, not just to me, or my brother or father, were often very unkind.

My mother could be and was quite judgmental to everyone. Which leads me to wonder


Of Rules, Quilts, A Coat of Many Colors, and Knowing …

My mother was a stickler for rules. They seemed to give her a sense of safety.

I cannot say that I hate rules. I certainly do not like the way those in power misuse and bend them to punish those over whom they seek to maintain control.

I do not know that my mother misused rules. This is a comforting revelation. She was fair.

She did what she said and promised, even if the consequences she warned of involved excessive force or could be considered abusive.

I am not trying to protect my mother from the part of me that she hurt, the aspects


Of Breaking Rules, Fundamentals and Salvation …

Finding your passion asks that you become well-acquainted with the fundamentals, the rules.

In writing we say that you must know the rules to learn how to break them.

Not that I am always in favor of breaking rules, but defying conventional


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