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My Writing ‘Process’ by Elle Pedersen

My mum rang me for my birthday a couple of weeks ago.

She had found my old intermediate school reports – most of my teachers said the same thing: “Elle is very good with her writing and reading but disrupts lessons in class and upsets her classmates.”

Hmmmm – so basically I’m a pain in the ar*e who can read and write – explains why I write.

Working full-time as a palliative care nurse for the past seven years, I’ve rediscovered my inner-child, revisited all the things I dreamed about as a kid.

I don’t think there’s one single person on this earth that hasn’t felt alone and afraid.

When you are able to describe very intense emotions/feelings that you have felt personally – in any form of literature and other people can relate – that is pretty awesome.


Why Do I Write and What Is My Process | Kelly Gooltz

Why do I Write?

by Kelly Gooltz

The opportunity to explain that to a group of other wonderful women SHOULD elicit excitement but it has me wondering and searching for how best to answer it.

Am I a writer? What is the purpose of all this?

I toggle between multiple blogs, as many of you may know. It is always so hard to know and define the purpose of all this time, effort, and energy in tangible ways.

My family blog serves a definite purpose; it provides first and foremost a manner in which I and my immediate family (Bob & kids) a way to remember our life, appreciate what we have and reflect upon our current and past blessings.


Why Do I Write and What’s My Process–Juliet Wilson

As a child I loved writing compositions at school and even poems.

When it came to choosing my academic future though I chose sciences, knowing that I could write poetry while studying sciences, whereas if I studied literature I would never have kept up my interest in science.

I lived in Malawi, in southern Africa for two years, teaching sciences, which was a wonderfully inspiring experience.

When droughts hit Malawi in 2002, I put together and self published Bougainvillea Dancing a chapbook of poetry mostly inspired by my time in the country, which raised money for charities working in Malawi.


Kim Kircher–“Why Do I Write and What Is My Process?”

Why I Write: Kim Kircher

I started out writing as I suspect many do.

I was thirteen years old, acne sprouting on my face like mold on month-old cheese, my hair getting frizzier by the minute, the world a cold, damp place.

Word son paper became a sort of safe haven for all of my embarrassing,navel-searching teen angst.

Luckily, while my love of the written word never faltered,my cathartic needs changed.

I write now because I want to say something.


Nicole Easterwood–“Why Do I Write and What is My Process?”

Sometimes I think about quitting when I am at my wits end, when I am pulling my hair out and screaming into the barren walls of an empty house.

But then I take a day off and speed down the interstate with my hair and windows down and realize that it is the one thing that has always kept me alive and makes me feel the most alive.

I realize that even the freedom of being incomplete control of a vehicle does not compare to the freedom that words give me.

Never so much blood pumps through my veins as when my fingers are tapping against the keys or my hands are becoming calloused from holding a pen for too long.

Nothing makes my heart pound as much or brings me such immense joy as the feeling of an e-mail saying that one of my stories is going to be published.


Why I Write–Doug Sievers

D.E. Sievers is the author of the novel, “The Trees in Winter” You can read more about the author and the novel at the following:

On Amazon:

On Barnes and Noble:

Author’s Blog:

Having the passion to write was never a problem for me.
Making the time to write, however, was a challenge—but only until I made it a priority!
About three years ago, I began writing a novel.
It was clear to me that, without committing myself to a daily writing regimen, I would never achieve my goal.
So I began going to my regular job at 6:30 a.m. and leaving at 3:30 p.m. Fortunately, my job allowed me this flexibility.
Between 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m., my time was devoted to writing. And has been ever since. I finished the novel.
Then wrote a novella.


Why I write? –Leca Sinziana

I really don’t know an exact answer to this. Maybe, I write because I have nothing else to do, because I love doing it, I never get bored.

Writing has been my best way to live different lives, to get out all my frustrations without harming others, to explore different realms, to relax.

I write because I feel the need to do it. I express myself far more better with a pen than sounds.

I usually get these crazy ideas and every time they have a plot, “Here it is, another story!”


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