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Of Mothers, Dolls and Barbie’s …

A client once described herself as her mother’s Barbie doll. “Some days, Mom liked Barbie. Other days she hated me.”

I always took special care of my Barbie dolls, all the dolls I received for Christmas and other occasions. I also knew


Of Light, Darkness, and Narcissistic Rage …

My mother was not one for sharing when it came to her feelings. She held them close to her chest, if she held them at all. I now realize that much of her existence fought to escape her feelings. My mother could be described as a narcissistic rage addict.

She was heavily addicted to anger, could have


Of Self-Revelation, Philosophical Reflection and Sweetness …

If I could ask my mother one question, I would have to make out a list and whittle it down to the question that most encompasses all the answers I seek. I am amazed at how respondents are quite clear of what they would ask their mothers if allowed but one question.

Their questions are extremely well-thought out. Perhaps they


Of Well-Developed Protagonists, Common Ground and Destiny …

Some months back I held a giveaway. For each person who completes the sentence, If you could ask your mother one question, it would be … I will forward a free pdf of my novel, Seasons in Purdah. For the twenty or more who have responded, I have also included a free pdf version of my latest novel, When the Drum Major Died.

The major characters, women, in my stories, face, as any well-developed


Of Our Eldest Daughter, Gratitude, and Experiencing The Worth of Our Living …

Witnessing our eldest graduate college in May 2009 and then graduate school eighteen months later in December 2010 delivered me to a new level of confidence and belief in myself.

I realized that something of all I had done as a mother had worked in nurturing our eldest daughter into not onl


Of Suffering, Deprivation, and Irish Twins …

It is often said that out of great suffering and deprivation comes not only bitterness and resentment, but at many times strength and resilience.

My mother was one of six children to whom my maternal grandmother gave birth and who survived. She delivered a total of


Of Mothers, Daughters and The Twelfth House in Astrology …

I was born under the sign, Libra. The one astrological sign symbolized by an inanimate, non-living object, the scales, Librans I was once told, do not possess balance. Rather, we are searching for balance.

In that this


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