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Of Cello Duets, Adolescence and The Art of Living ….

Our youngest daughter and I play cello duets.

While neither of us is Yo-Yo Ma, I have experience powerful healing in this shared experience with our fifteen year old daughter.

Never mind she plays much better than I, her


Of Hugs, Healing and Our Middle Daughter …

Our middle daughter who is twenty-one, has no shame in asking for hugs.

Rarely a day goes by when she is home in which she does not request I hug and hold her.

It matters not what I am doing, typing, cooking, eating, about to fall asleep, she can appear stating,


Of Female Pilots, Peace and Being Seen (continued from … Of Trimester Grades, My Grandmother and Time) …

Being a stay-at-home mother I receive no salary for the work I do.

Ask anyone about the task and art of mothering and they will most probably say, “Hardest job in the world? Mothers work incredibly hard. They are the backbone of society.”

One man on an airplane piloted by a female pilot went


Of Trimester Grades, My Grandmother and Time …

The morning second trimester grades came alive on power school for both students and parents to see I missed our youngest daughter’s call. I had been praying.

I called her back on completing my meditation.

She was not pleased with the results, needed to talk, but her break was over and she


Of Raging Hormones, Depression, and Being a Good Person …

In later years, when I had become an adult with my own children, was married to a man that my mother viewed as very successful, I believe that my mother grew ashamed of her actions of having beat me and called me names–her form of punishment.

She observed me guiding and disciplining my and my husband’s children,


Of Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips, Times That Hurt and Being a Good Mother …

Various times and stages of life often resemble the taste of salt and vinegar potato chips.

At certain points in living the flavor conjured by our experiences leaves a bitter taste that draws on our vulnerabilities. This bitter taste does not ward us off, but rather as with my eating the salt and vinegar potato chips leaves us hungry for more.

As a daughter who is also a mother, I find


Of Potato Chips, Stress and Malaysian Flight 370 …

Our youngest daughter has been home from her week in Japan for four days now. And things have yet to settle down to what I could call normal. By normal, I mean the way they were before she left.

Something happened while our youngest was away those eight days. Not only did she undergo a transformation–this was her first time away from the family for more than a night or two–we did as well.

Externally, I


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