Anjuelle Floyd | Stories of Women Making Things Right and Healing Relationships With Their Mothers

  ~~Anjuelle Floyd~~       … stories about women …                                                             … making things right with family and friends …      … resolving difficulties with intimates and significant others …                                                                                         … by bridging the divide, and mending wounds with their mothers … […]


Of Jonathon Franzen, Loneliness, and The Still Point of Attention …

It requires skill to craft tantalizing titles, bylines, etc. that coaxes readers, even those who receive your blogs as I do those written by The Mommy Psychologist
to actually stop what we are doing and take in the blogger’s words.

That what we read leaves us thinking, and pondering the subject of their website and blogs, which for The Mommy Psychologist is the whole gambit of parenting in the 21st century, evidences grasp of an art.

Readers can be grateful when the very topic of a blogger’s discussion plunges


Radio | Shobhan Bantwal

Author, Shobhan Bantwal, who describes her writings as Bollywood in a Book, (Women’s Fiction with a romantic twist) returns to Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters and discusses her 6th and upcoming novel, “The Reluctant Matchmaker.” Shobhan has also authored “Dowry Bride”, “Forbidden Daughter”, “The Sari Shop Widow,” “The Unexpected Son,” and “The Full Moon Bride”.


Of Hopes, Dreams, and Cheetah Mamas …

Now a mother of three daughters, a licensed psychotherapist and an author, I still lean back in awe at how much emphasis individuals of certain cultures, African-American included, place upon the success of our children.

Some weekends ago I attended the Senior Recognition Ceremony held each year by hundreds of Jack-n-Jill Chapters across the country, honoring the children of mother-members who having and preparing to graduate high school will in less than three months, leave for college.

Conversations during the meal, as usual, included


Of Elisabeth Badinter, Slavery, and The Choice to Work Full-time as a Wife and Mother …

Perhaps the eleven Secret Service Agents and nine military personnel who engaged in unbecoming behavior down in Cartagena, Colombia, that put themselves in danger, not to mention others under their care, felt exploited, and most unconsciously.

We’re often told of the great service these agents provide our Presidents.

We’re also led to believe that the tasks they carry out involve much bravado and that the work is exciting, nothing short of glamorous.

Their recent behaviors speak otherwise, actions I am certain


Of Prodigies, The US Secret Service, and Living Without Acting …

I suspect that much like the authors, actresses and actors, receive payment for their services in much the same fashion, and timing as Scott Pratt describes in a post on his blog, The Writer’s Predicament.

He writes: “ … And the advance money? The fifty thousand? This is how they [the publisher] doled it out. Twelve thousand five hundred on signing the contract, $7,500 upon final acceptance of the manuscript, and


Of Ponzi Schemes, Bernie Madoff, and Honesty …

Practice To Deceive, a photo by Supremecourtjester on Flickr. Practice To Deceive “Oh What a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive.” ~ This is a melon skin overcolorized. ~   Scott Pratt in his blog roll The Writer’s Predicament, explains in exquisite, but simple and heart-felt detail the financial side of […]


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