Of Time, Authors and the Common Ground of Promotion…

During a recent discussion, Attention Self-Publishers, at Definitive Serious Writers at LinkedIn, an author lamented the difficult task of finding the time to both write and market their work.

Promoting and marketing one’s work as a writer or novelist, how best and most effectively to do this, and remained focused upon the writing of your books–that which you must to promote if it is to sell– sits at the heart of what authors–both self and traditionally published–presently grapple.

This aspect of writing and selling one’s work forms the common ground on and about which authors on both sides continually gnash our teeth and rub our palms.

All the traditional authors whom I have interviewed on my blog talk radio show, Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters, express dismay, and challenge not always about the necessity of promoting one’s work and self, but rather, how to find the time to both promotion while one also writes, revises and edits our books.

Time stands as a writer’s most precious commodity. We all know how the Internet can devour that


Of Supply, Demand, and The Woeful Truth About Publishing and Authors…

Author and publisher, Zetta Brown’s recent blog, “Authors! Can’t find your book in a bookstore? You may be luckier than you think!”, got me to thinking–no pun intended–about the old law of economics, that of supply and demand.

With bookstores and sellers tightly adhering to what seems to me, an outdated mode of purchasing books from publishers, and authors who choose to self-publish–that of retaining, if not demanding, the opportunity to return unsold books they have received from us–I wonder what would happen if publishers and authors began to print less books.

A blog post, “A Woeful Truth About Publishing,” at Champagne Books explains this paradoxical phenomenon in detail.

In short what I’m really saying is, “How would economic market respond if publishers did not make books so readily accessible?”


Of E-books, Royalties and Taking Charge of Finances…

Unless a publisher can provide strong marketing and distribution, I cannot see where they have earned 75% of royalties from electronic book sales.

In the past, when books only came in hard/paperback, publishers could justify their actions in that they paid the bill on having copies of our books printed up.

Now with Amazon stating that Kindle sales of books out number those of hard/paperback 150:100 publisher must rethink the service they are providing authors.

Authors too, must become more business savvy.


Radio Show | Tyora Moody, and Her Many Facets…

Serving up a creative mix, flavored with faith.

Writer, graphic designer, online book promoter and all-­around literary assistant with a deep love for God Tywebbin Creations, Tyora Moody, discusses Tywebbin Creations LLC (Tywebbin.com), the design and marketing company she started and operated. Tywebbin Creations assists authors with branding and developing an online presence.

Tyora has worked with authors, Sharon Ewell Foster, Stacy Hawkins Adams, Sherri Lewis, Tia McCollors, Rhonda McKnight, Vanessa Miller, Francine Craft, yours truly and many others.

An avid bookworm, she also manages two book blogs, Christian Bookworm Reviews and Written Voices Blog.

Tyora writes romantic suspense and cozy mysteries.

She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers.

Her first publication, a short story, Birthing Pains, helps comprise the anthology, Home Again: Stories of Restored Relationships.

When Tyora is not working or a client or doing something literary, she enjoys spending time with family, catching a movie on the big screen, traveling, and when the mood hits her, baking cookies.

So tune in.


Of Shrinking Advances, Entertainment, and That Which Remains Present in Translation…

One of the things we learn as psychotherapists is to interpret what clients are actually saying vs. the words they speak.

This is not to say that clients lie. I have found those with whom I have worked to be incredibly honest. They were investing a substantial amount of time and money into their sessions to learn more about themselves and how they could achieve their goals and dreams.

And yet we all have our defenses.

As a client myself, I have benefited enormously from psychotherapists who could see through my defenses and careful choice of words and lead me to the heart of the truth ebbing or perhaps bleeding through.


Radio Show | Authors, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant

Authors, Virginia DeBerry and Donna Grant, discuss their new novel, “Uptown”.

Ms. Deberry and Grant have also written, “What Doesn’t Kill You”, “Gotta Keep on Tryin'”, “Exposures”, “Better Than I Know Myself”, “Trying to Sleep in the Bed You Made”, “Far From the Tree”.

So tune in.


Perfectionism, Fears and Good Husbands…

Readying your book for publication, i.e. the printing and binding of the words you have penned is an illuminating process.

First of all, if you’re like me, a perfectionist, nothing you read of the novel or story seems right.

All the sentences you spent hours upon hours crafting, shaping, editing, refining and then re-writing sound horrible. I read my stories and novels aloud during the last stages of editing.

Perhaps the words sound awkward because I don’t want to believe that I’ve reached this point. And under my own steam.


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