Of Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips, Times That Hurt and Being a Good Mother …

Various times and stages of life often resemble the taste of salt and vinegar potato chips.

At certain points in living the flavor conjured by our experiences leaves a bitter taste that draws on our vulnerabilities. This bitter taste does not ward us off, but rather as with my eating the salt and vinegar potato chips leaves us hungry for more.

As a daughter who is also a mother, I find


Of A Malaysian Flight, “The Eagle Has Landed,” and What Never Was …

Our youngest daughter, a high school freshman, returned home from Japan yesterday morning. She was gone for eight days. While happy for her to travel to and learn about life in another country, we all remained worried and nervous.

Unbeknownst to our youngest daughter, and on the same day she left for Japan, a Malaysian flight


Of a Butter Dish, Christmas Parades and Santa’s Knee …

When I was eleven I broke the butter dish. I had been cooking, making toast without permission. As punish my mother said I could not accompany her to the annual Christmas parade held the second Saturday of each December.

I loved going the Christmas Parade held in the town where we did most of our


Of Vacation, Third Grade, and Tibetan Dream Yogas …

by Morpheus A week before my we left for vacation I experienced a second dream. We are in my third grade classroom. My mother, who taught me in third grade is leading the class in a reading exercise. She is


Of Swimming Lessons, Jupiter Conjunct Neptune, and Aquarius, The Water-Bearer …

My mother had refused to allow us to take swimming lessons despite our requests to learn. A two-time veteran of WWII, twice drafted and twice honorably discharged, our father had been an excellent swimmer, according to our mother.

He had even taken her


Of Softball, Vacation, and East Carolina University

My brother also liked to play sports. He played on the school softball team.

At the outset of summer when the school year ended, his enthusiasm for playing softball extended to the desire to attend a camp at East Carolina State University. The camp lasted two weeks and several boys from his baseball team would be going.

On telling my mother he wanted to go,


Of My Brother, Old Williamsburg, and “TV Guides” …

The day my brother died was a hot July 3rd in 1976, approximately one month shy of the year and a half that had passed since when my father had died of a heart attack.

It would be our first and only trip as what remained of our family, me, my brother and our mother. We had never taken a trip with our father. It is hard as a farmer to go away. Land, crops and livestock need continuous tending.

My mother, brother and I


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