Of A Malaysian Flight, “The Eagle Has Landed,” and What Never Was …

Our youngest daughter, a high school freshman, returned home from Japan yesterday morning. She was gone for eight days. While happy for her to travel to and learn about life in another country, we all remained worried and nervous.

Unbeknownst to our youngest daughter, and on the same day she left for Japan, a Malaysian flight


Of Daughters, Bloodlines and The Survival of Humanity …

One of the most exciting things about being a daughter is that I received the charge to carry forth the lineage of both my mother and my father. Not only have they achieved immortality in that they live on in my memory, but I, in being a woman held the capability of giving birth. And with this I have delivered three children, all girls, into this world.

Much is said about men and carrying on the name of a family. A name is but a name. We can change


Of Mothers, Daughters and The Quality of Mirroring…

Moments after a child exits the women, the obstetrician, or midwife cuts the umbilical cord linking mother to child.

Male children enter a journey of maturation into adulthood that ideally includes a father, or male guiding and supporting them.

As with all children she ushers into life, the mother of a female infant lays the baby upon her chest, nestles and feeds her, but unlike with sons, the mother serves as her daughter’s guide from birth into womanhood.

Who better than a man to teach and nurture a boy into manhood?

Likewise, none but women can best assist a girl in navigating the wilds of growing into a wise, compassionate, and prudent woman.

And yet, theory and reality, as with many life dimensions, often diverge.

That for which we hope often gives way to the probabilities based upon the facts of our present reality.

Many women and mothers have raised sons into excellent and wonderful men.

Likewise many men have nurtured daughters into women any parent or person would be proud to call daughter.

And yet one fact remains.

The umbilical cord attaching mother to daughter,


Of Intimacy, Purpose and Healing…

Most recently I gave an interview on blog talk radio with Tabitha Vinson of Praise and Worship ICU (PWICU).

During our discussion of my recent novel, The House, Tabitha asked me to explain intimacy, an aspect that, for her, played heavily in The House.

Immediately I thought of what Marianne Williamson writes of Intimacy in her book, Illuminata. (pp. 151-153)


The purpose of intimate partnership is to midwife the perfection in each other.

The point of love is to reveal to us the light inside. …


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