Of SUV’s, Omnipotence and Depression …

Something shifted inside me the day of the car accident, when the driver of the Jeep SUV slammed into the back of my SUV. Being hit from behind unearthed, exhumed all my fears of being caught off guard, being ambushed.

That’s what it felt like each time my mother criticized me and/or as a result of the anger and rage she experienced either in response to me and my actions of events out in the world, physically punished me.

As a child you believe that your


Of Oppressors, Attackers and Questions …

Some people become more like their aggressors and oppressors. We call this identification with the oppressor. It is easy to view oppressors and attackers as stronger and possessing more power than we, their victims.

Abused children are the victims of their parents’ anger and aggression.

And yet


Of an Isuzu Trooper, Consternation and ‘We’ll See’ …

by Don White (Central Park, Burnaby) My mother had remained calm in the wake of my father, her husband’s death. She later admitted missing him, an admission I found confusing at best since she so-often criticized him, and not until after his death listed the personality traits for that in her opinion had made him […]


Of Jokes, Cigarettes and The Journey of Life …

by mferrell24 My mother never told jokes. Neither did my father. In fact jokes being told in the home were not a part of my childhood. I say this because I know families and people who can tell a good joke, if not repeat one that they heard. I do not mean jokes used to poke […]


Of Women, Daughters, and The Ability to Bear Children…

A major factor that distinguishes women from men is that women possess the ability to bear children.

Whether a woman chooses to exercise her ability to conceive and deliver a life into this world, this capability marks her life and the purposes of all women’s life and in living,

That modern medicine has enabled females to conceive and give birth by choice, and without the physical presence of a man, the path women travel stands farther than ever from the one males trod in bringing direction and attaching meaning to our living.

While some would have us believe differently, female human beings are neither


Of Revelation, Illusions and the Parallel Processes of Writing and Discovery…

Revelation plays an important role in constructing and/or assembling the middle section of a novel.

Revelation also encompasses the uncovering of truth of what has always stood present, but remained hidden by strong held illusions and beliefs.

Stories and novels stand upon revelations, ones that sustain the cause-and-effect events that comprise, most particularly, the plot of a novel and that lead towards crisis and onto climax.


Katherine Harms–writer aboard S/Y No Boundaries

When I first began writing, I wanted to write, because I wanted to have published something.

In 2000, I started writing, because I had something to say.

In 2000, during Lent I studied the life of Hannah, the mother of Samuel as a model for making sacrifices.

By the autumn, I was working on a novel about Hannah.

I had discovered that her faith journey in ancient Israel had many parallels with the faith journey of a woman in the twenty-first century, despite the three millennia that separated Hannah and me.

In 2004, my book, Hannah’s Journal, placed third in a field of 270 entries in the Christian Writers Guild First Novel Contest.

That book is still unpublished, but my success in the contest invigorated me.

I soon tackled two more novels, which are at present unfinished. The reason is that I continued to develop a better sense of direction as a writer.

In the beginning, I almost dismissed my non-fiction writing as busy work, something to do when I couldn’t think of any stories.

I wrote meditations, prayers, worship guides, articles and teaching plans.

While I struggled with the problems of plot, character development, setting, dialogue and so forth that are part of the craft of a fiction writer, I wrote commentary and background spontaneously, as a natural outgrowth of my research.

One day I had the mind-boggling revelation that it was possible to be a successful writer without selling a novel.


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