Of Cello Duets, Adolescence and The Art of Living ….

Our youngest daughter and I play cello duets.

While neither of us is Yo-Yo Ma, I have experience powerful healing in this shared experience with our fifteen year old daughter.

Never mind she plays much better than I, her


Of Shrinking Advances, Entertainment, and That Which Remains Present in Translation…

One of the things we learn as psychotherapists is to interpret what clients are actually saying vs. the words they speak.

This is not to say that clients lie. I have found those with whom I have worked to be incredibly honest. They were investing a substantial amount of time and money into their sessions to learn more about themselves and how they could achieve their goals and dreams.

And yet we all have our defenses.

As a client myself, I have benefited enormously from psychotherapists who could see through my defenses and careful choice of words and lead me to the heart of the truth ebbing or perhaps bleeding through.


Marriage, Terror, and Seeing into the Choreography of Souls…

So much of marriage is about seeing the other, your spouse, and allowing your true self to come through, i.e. being seen yourself.

My novel, “The House,” chronicles the experience of a woman, Anna Manning, during the last 3 months of her marriage wherein her husband, Edward, has withheld aspects of his true nature from. Throughout their nearly thirty-three years of marriage has been unfaithful Edward, involved in 3 longstanding affairs of which Anna knew.

These affairs, horrible as they were stemmed from vulnerabilities and emotional injuries rooted in Edward’s childhood, and of which he never discussed with Anna.


Of Rooks, Guardians of the Threshold and Boundaries…

The chess piece or character known as The Rook, which is also called The Castle or as I like to say, The Tower can move as many spaces along a row or column on the chessboard.

The Rooks (each player has 2) combined with The Queen, form the major chess pieces. In this way they operate like Guardians of the Threshold preventing the opposing player’s pieces from gaining or capturing a player’s King.

Guardians of the Threshold in a novel hold the boundaries between the protagonist and her or his goal.


Injurious Actions, Political Dictators, and Near Sadist Employers…

Most often the recipients of these injurious actions and words we commit constitute that group of people closest to us, daughters, sons, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, co-workers, professional partners and colleagues, classmates, students, employees, those subordinate, lateral and even sometimes superior in professional rank to us.

Why do we do it?


The Courage to Dance and Write

Writers dance with our characters. The words we write are the music delivering rhythm by which our feet move. The sentences and paragraphs that follow spin a melody, the context and situation wherein we in crafting our stories offer not only a depiction of transformation and change, but also the epiphany and transcendence of our […]


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