Of Mothers, Dolls and Barbie’s …

A client once described herself as her mother’s Barbie doll. “Some days, Mom liked Barbie. Other days she hated me.”

I always took special care of my Barbie dolls, all the dolls I received for Christmas and other occasions. I also knew


Of Mothers, Daughters and The Twelfth House in Astrology …

I was born under the sign, Libra. The one astrological sign symbolized by an inanimate, non-living object, the scales, Librans I was once told, do not possess balance. Rather, we are searching for balance.

In that this


Of Mothers, Daughters and Seeing Each Other Eye-to-Eye …

Witnessing our eldest graduate college in May 2009 and then graduate school eighteen months later in December 2010 delivered me to a new level of confidence and belief in myself.

I realized that something of all I had done as a mother had worked in nurturing our eldest daughter into not only a good citizen, but one who had goals and plans for achieving those goals.

When after earning her graduate degree in


Of Mothers, Daughters and Generosity of Spirit …

My mother taught me many things about love. One is that love allows one to step outside of her or himself and see the other person’s perspective, particularly if that other person is your child.

As women we are expected to make room for everyone at the table even if that means we do not get to sit down.

As a woman, who is also the mother of three daughters, my


Of Mothers, Daughters and Marilyn Monroe …

A recent study conducted at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois concludes, “ … most girls as young as six years old are already beginning to think of themselves as sex objects.”

The voluminous hours of watching television has taken its toll on girls of all ages and has reached the youngest of females.

But our daughters are not the only ones affected.

Researchers offered more information concerning factors influencing


Of Mothers, Daughters and Narcissus…

A recurring visitor to my blog responded to a recent post, Of Mothers, Daughters and a Nation Crying for Help.

She suggests in her comment that women/mothers who kill their children suffer from a terrible form of psychosis, an idea with which I think most of us would agree with. 

She adds that when the murder a mother commits involves killing her daughter, the mother experiencing this break with reality seeks to destroy a younger form of herself, i.e. her daughter.

I awoke this morning intrigued by the length at which


Of Mothers, Sons and Actions that Leave Us Eternally Changed…

Grace…., a photo by Acoustic Soul on Flickr. It always happens this way. A shooting takes place in our nation. A person and/or others are killed while going about their day. Voices cry out, those of the bereaved family members and others in shock and anger. Stories of the incident make a virulent trek across […]


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