Of Gifts, Witnessing and Time Immemorial …

Each of our daughters has provided me a unique gift with the presence of their lives in mine. Our eldest, a twenty-six year old senior law student exemplifies the epitome of loyalty.

That she chose to move back home and resume living in her old room while attending

law school touched me greatly. It gave me the invaluable


Of Settling, Silent Passion and the Sacred Canyon of Our Hearts …

So many women, and men, have been bred by our parents to accept what is given us. “Don’t be greedy. Take what life gives you. Don’t be so uppity. Give thanks, and be happy.”

I find it quite intriguing that the people who so often recite these mantras never do what they advocate. Moreover they do not appear to be content with their lives.

As mothers, and of daughters we must remain vigilant that we do not overtly and covertly, in speech and in silence, urge our daughters to settle.

Much is said about women making sure we do not


Of Tuning In, Conventional Wisdom and Passion …

Assisting our daughters in tuning into our inner wisdom requires that we, their mothers endeavor to do the same. This is not always, if ever, easy. American culture turns on notions that are based upon conventional wisdom.

The word, itself reveals a misnomer or oxymoron. Nothing conventional exists in wisdom. By its very definition the


Of Choice, Honesty and Wisdom …

The greatest challenge of nurturing daughters into womanhood is the infinite number of choices young girls and young women have for creating a life of purpose and living out her passion.

Choice is not a bad thing. And it most definitely better than having no choices.

At the same time, choice, and alternatives require planning, responsibility and a good does of honesty with realistic views.

Choice means just what it says. You have the opportunity to choose.


Of Vipassana, Abandoned Dreams, and “The Map of True Places” …

I ended my last blog asking readers, “Are you a Tiger Mom? Cheetah Mom? A fierce feline mother of great prowess? If so, what is your story?
What hopes and dreams do you hold for your daughters and/or sons?
What are your passions?
Are and if so, how are you living them out?”

On reading the last three questions I realized that I had segued into new territory.

The hopes and dreams we hold for our children lie


Of Elisabeth Badinter, Slavery, and The Choice to Work Full-time as a Wife and Mother …

Perhaps the eleven Secret Service Agents and nine military personnel who engaged in unbecoming behavior down in Cartagena, Colombia, that put themselves in danger, not to mention others under their care, felt exploited, and most unconsciously.

We’re often told of the great service these agents provide our Presidents.

We’re also led to believe that the tasks they carry out involve much bravado and that the work is exciting, nothing short of glamorous.

Their recent behaviors speak otherwise, actions I am certain


Of Scott Pratt, The Writer’s Predicament and Hilary Rosen …

Fellow author, Pamela Samuels Young, recently forwarded, as she did to 30-40 others, the link to an genre author, Scott Pratt’s new blog, The Writer’s Predicament.

While I have not read any of Mr. Pratt’s five legal thrillers I will say that if his novel writing style holds any of the similarities he had exhibited in the few blog posts of The Writer’s Predicament, I will start touting his work. 

Needless to say I am a fan of his blog.

After opening the e-mail containing the link to his blog, I immediate clicked over and began reading his posts.

Scott’s warm, style combined with


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