Of Marriage Proposals, Regret and Capital …

by JCT(Loves)Streisand* One day while visiting home in North Carolina–I had married and was living in Boston–my mother, while picking out a dress to wear to a funeral commented that she had refused her first proposal because the man who had requested her hand did not, she believed, own enough financial capital. Financial capital for […]


Of Marriage, Freedom, and A First Pregnancy …

by JCT(Loves)Streisand*   My first pregnancy occurred when I was twenty-seven. It was planned. A young minister’s wife had said, after hearing my lament the emptiness I was feeling then in the fourth year of my marriage, “You need a child.” This was probably an easy response for her to make in that at twenty-eight […]


Of Mother, Writer, and The Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas …


“O God, grant that whatever good things I have,
I may share generously with those who have not,
and that whatever good things I do not have,
I may request humbly from those who do.

Plant deep in me, Lord, all the virtues,
that I might be devout in divine matters,
discerning in human affairs,
and burdensome to no one in fulfilling my own bodily needs.

Order me inwardly through a good life that I might do what
is right and what will be meritorious for me and a good example for others.”

~~Saint Thomas Aquinas


I received this in an e-mail from the seminary I briefly attended, The Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT,) located at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA.

Yes, I attended, did not graduate seminary, and yes this is a Catholic seminary, run and administrated by the Dominicans, no doubt, the Dominicans who ran the infamous Inquisition.

I learned much from the Dominican nun, Sister Barbara Greene, who taught all the classes in which the Hindu sacred texts, The Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads at The California Institute of Integral Studies where I earned my MA in Psychology.

The places where spiritual teachings converge, and reveal mutual agreement have always intrigued me.

An astrology teacher once said, when you hear the same thing from many unconnected


Of Fissures and Cracks, Parenting, and The Laboratory of Home …

A mother of three ages, 24, 20 and 13, all daughters, I find myself, a wife of thirty years, psychotherapist, oftentimes growing cynical, not so much with the children of our culture and society, but having lost patience with the parents, or should I say, adults, who suppose themselves experts at everything and therefore question nothing of themselves, life or their children.

This is not The Mommy Psychologist.

We would all do well to heed her byline regarding our own lives and concerning most matters in life– “ … the child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself. “

She, along with her posts inspire me–


Of Life, Revelations, and Our Differences That Bind …

Not a day has passed during the three weeks since posting my last blog that I have not felt guilty for failing to hold to my schedule of blogging.

It is a promise I give to myself, and a responsibility I maintain as a published writer.

The nagging feeling that has haunted me now abates as I write this post.

But what occurs when life happens and disrupts our goals and the tasks we have set our energies to?

What do we do when


Of Bloggers, Mothers’ Work, and ‘Ann Romney and Me’ …

A former prosecuting attorney, now full-time mom and blog host, recently shared that many mothers with promising careers, had upon giving birth transformed their job skills into home businesses that allow them establish a base for present and future income, and continue pursing our passion, while maintaining the ability to shape our work schedules around our work that we equally love, that of wife and mother to our husbands and children.

Like the former attorney now mom and blogger, I, a


Of Elisabeth Badinter, Slavery, and The Choice to Work Full-time as a Wife and Mother …

Perhaps the eleven Secret Service Agents and nine military personnel who engaged in unbecoming behavior down in Cartagena, Colombia, that put themselves in danger, not to mention others under their care, felt exploited, and most unconsciously.

We’re often told of the great service these agents provide our Presidents.

We’re also led to believe that the tasks they carry out involve much bravado and that the work is exciting, nothing short of glamorous.

Their recent behaviors speak otherwise, actions I am certain


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