Of Seasons in Purdah, Hope, and a Question for Your Mother …

Send me one question, in 200 words or less, that you would like to ask your mother, and what you hope to gain. And  I will send you a pdf of my novel, “Seasons in Purdah.”                                           Lotus@中興新村  by Ultima_Bruce


Of When the Drum Major Died | Synopsis

America has taken a respite from the heated protests and firebombing that engulfed the nation the previous summer.

Martin Luther King, Jr. has begun laying out plans for his Poor People’s Campaign.

Florina Gavin Austin, two days married, has moved across state to Poinsettia, North Carolina where she will begin a new life as Mrs. Redmond Austin.

On approach to the house where she and her husband will live, Florina spies


“Seasons in Purdah” | On Sale Now !!! …

The loss of her sight has ignited a war between her two best friends.

Thirty-five-year-old, psychologist, Sahel Ohin, spent nearly each day of her childhood making mud cakes with Titus Denning and Carl Pierson. The attended St. Maria’s Parish School, Oakland Catholic Prep and graduated Cal Berkeley.

Six weeks after an accident rendered her blind Sahel married Titus. Her neurosurgeon, Carl Pierson, insists surgery could restore her sight. The procedure might also kill her.

The first night out since her blindness Sahel meets James Bolton, a former San Francisco stockbroker. Though newly acquainted, they converse as if old friends.


Of Vipassana, Abandoned Dreams, and “The Map of True Places” …

I ended my last blog asking readers, “Are you a Tiger Mom? Cheetah Mom? A fierce feline mother of great prowess? If so, what is your story?
What hopes and dreams do you hold for your daughters and/or sons?
What are your passions?
Are and if so, how are you living them out?”

On reading the last three questions I realized that I had segued into new territory.

The hopes and dreams we hold for our children lie


Of Prodigies, The US Secret Service, and Living Without Acting …

I suspect that much like the authors, actresses and actors, receive payment for their services in much the same fashion, and timing as Scott Pratt describes in a post on his blog, The Writer’s Predicament.

He writes: “ … And the advance money? The fifty thousand? This is how they [the publisher] doled it out. Twelve thousand five hundred on signing the contract, $7,500 upon final acceptance of the manuscript, and


Of Writing, Time, and The Realities of Publishing…

The reality of publishing is that it is difficult to make a profit in this business.

And why does one want to make a profit?

Because editors need to be paid, it takes money to print copies of a book, and most importantly, authors need food, shelter, and health insurance, none of which are cheap, if we are to write entertaining stories.

When publishing companies agree to print book, the writer must deliver and on time, lest the publisher demands


Radio Show | A. J. (Anna Jean) Mayhew and “The Dry Grass of August”

A. J. (Anna Jean) Mayhew discusses her debut novel, The Dry Grass of August.

So tune in.


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