Of Sciatica, Garcinia Cambogia and As Best as I Can Remember …

Throughout the time of our youngest daughter being in Japan I experienced an incredibly painful bout of sciatica, the most difficult in the recent past experiences. Normally it erupts following an extremely strenuous session of exercise.

But I have not been exercising to keep me weight down, rather


Of Ambivalence, Epiphanies, and Sonnets of Compassion …

Despite all that I endured with my mother under her care, or lack of it, I was never ambivalent about my ability to love.

Even in the worst of times during my childhood, and while undergoing the nightmare of relationship with my mother, it has always seemed the easiest thing to love, the hardest to mistreat and push away, speak harshly to.

I cannot imagine being to my children as my


Of an Isuzu Trooper, Consternation and ‘We’ll See’ …

by Don White (Central Park, Burnaby) My mother had remained calm in the wake of my father, her husband’s death. She later admitted missing him, an admission I found confusing at best since she so-often criticized him, and not until after his death listed the personality traits for that in her opinion had made him […]


Of Blogposts, Children and Immortality …

I have not written a blog post in over a year.

Life’s been busy. Our youngest, now a freshman in high school, needed my attention.

I needed to know that I was giving her the best of me, and the time she required in trying to grow up.

Navigating the world of childhood is not easy.

I sometimes think that, we here in the American culture, approach


“Seasons in Purdah” | …a novel by anjuelle floyd…

What would you do if the loss of your sight ignited a war between you two best friends?

This is the case for 35-year-old, psychologist, Sahel Ohin, involving her two friends from childhood, Titus Denning and Carl Pierson.

The surgery that could return Sahel’s sight might also kill her.

Sahel’s husband, Titus, a cardiac surgeon, fears the latter.

Sahel’s neurosurgeon, Carl Pierson, believes Sahel’s blindness has rendered her hostage to Titus.

On the first night out since her blindness Sahel meets James Bolton, a former San Francisco stockbroker.
Though never having met they converse as if old friends.

The winter afternoon that Sahel attempted suicide, James received life imprisonment for murder, and his fiancée leapt from the Golden Gate Bridge.

When during dinner Sahel accidentally knocks over her glass of water and wets her gown James escorts her out onto the verandah.
Against the backdrop of Sahel’s husband, Titus, inside the ballroom and receiving an award, James asks, “Do you believe…in life after death?”

Seasons in Purdah shows what happens when best friends become adults, and how, among many things, life is but a series of choices, the consequences of which yield a drama that both weaves and unravels the knots binding us to those we cherish and who love us.

“Seasons in Purdah,” a novel by Anjuelle Floyd. Read the 1st 28 Chapters


Of Blogging, “Motherwit Four,” and Generosity…

Of the mother wit and wisdom in her writing Angelia Menchan says, “My mother was 30 years old before she decided to have children. I had these old women around me. My grandmother and then godmother lived to be 102. I was one of those old souls at a very young age. You know that story about the girl born with the veil over her face that would be me. And I just kind of tossed that over my shoulder. On August 9, 2010 I’m publishing an anthology of stories called, “Motherwit Four,” in honor of my mother.”

Author, Angelia Menchan, discusses “Ramblings,” “Schae’s Story,” “Is No Not Clear Enough for You?” and her recent novel, “Mrs. Black”.

She has also published an anthology, Women’s Writes, co-authored with Jennifer Coissiere, Darnetta Frazier, and Shaneika Ferguson.

Visit Angelia’s blogs, Angelia Vernon Menchan, Write or Die Woman, and Angel08.


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