Of Settling, Silent Passion and the Sacred Canyon of Our Hearts …

So many women, and men, have been bred by our parents to accept what is given us. “Don’t be greedy. Take what life gives you. Don’t be so uppity. Give thanks, and be happy.”

I find it quite intriguing that the people who so often recite these mantras never do what they advocate. Moreover they do not appear to be content with their lives.

As mothers, and of daughters we must remain vigilant that we do not overtly and covertly, in speech and in silence, urge our daughters to settle.

Much is said about women making sure we do not


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Art, The Muse and Beholding The Other…

The Muse then is that most terrified of all the virgins. She starts if she hears a sound, pales if you ask her questions, spins and vanishes if you disturb her dress. We might start off by paraphrasing Oscar Wilde’s poem, substituting the world “Art” for “Love.”
Art will fly if held too lightly.
Art will die if held too tightly.
Lightly, tightly, how do I know?
Whether I holding or letting Art go?”

–Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing/Essays on Creativity

Beckoning and befriending The Muse takes work and energy. The focus required to summon The Muse asks that we turn inward. Looking at one’s own self consolidates awareness of our motives, those conscious and unconscious, what drives us to move through and impress ourselves upon the world in a unique manner that distinguishes us and expresses our personality.

The impetus to create involves two simultaneous processes, one of bringing the formless into form, making something out of the rawness of nothing. And then there is transformation under which each artist goes when carving and crafting our creating.

The Muse oversees and directs these two aspects of making while being remade, molding while being reshaped.


The Muse, Mystery and Grace…

“It isn’t easy. Nobody has ever done it consistently. Those who try hardest, scare it off into the woods. Those who turn their backs and saunter along, whistling softly between their teeth, hear it treading quietly behind them, lured by a carefully acquired disdain.

We are speaking, of course, of The Muse.”

–Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing/Essays on Creativity

Many people imagine the life of a writer as one of awakening each morning to a flowing stream of words that pour onto our writing tablet or through our fingers and onto the computer string, our greatest challenge being that of writing or moving our fingers quick enough on the computer keys to catch the words.

There are times like that. But more often than not, we struggle to find those words that ideally give readers a smooth ride into the escape of our stories and novels.

A more honest way of describing what we do is to say that the smoother our sentences flow and the more intense a readers entrancement into at story, the more the writer toiled at kneading and carving that ease of journey presented in the magic carpet of our words.

But what of The Muse?


Injurious Actions, Political Dictators, and Near Sadist Employers…

Most often the recipients of these injurious actions and words we commit constitute that group of people closest to us, daughters, sons, mothers, wives, husbands, fathers, co-workers, professional partners and colleagues, classmates, students, employees, those subordinate, lateral and even sometimes superior in professional rank to us.

Why do we do it?


So You Want to Write A Book: How Did It Come to You?

So you want to write a book. How did it come to you? Did you receive the urge to write your book through an image? Or did you get the idea from an article you read? Perhaps a movie held a theme that stimulated you to create your own story? Or have you, for quite […]



The Dance, a video that my friend who is a dancer sent me is still churning my unconscious and causing me to reflect upon my own life story. Like most writers I suffer from depression. And not unlike many writers, my childhood was not the idyllic one American culture says we are to have.


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