Of Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips, Times That Hurt and Being a Good Mother …

Various times and stages of life often resemble the taste of salt and vinegar potato chips.

At certain points in living the flavor conjured by our experiences leaves a bitter taste that draws on our vulnerabilities. This bitter taste does not ward us off, but rather as with my eating the salt and vinegar potato chips leaves us hungry for more.

As a daughter who is also a mother, I find


Of Marriage, Vulnerability and Knowing That I Was Lost…

I’ve been married for 28 years. I have 3 children.

Though I haven’t always felt this way, presently I wouldn’t trade my life for anything.

I like being married. I like being a mother.

It’s hard work both as a wife and as a mother.

The challenges of motherhood are pretty generic. The ones I encounter as a wife have less to do with my husband. He’s great, loving, loyal, more than I could have ever expected.


Of Perseverance, Remaining Open, and Characters that Embody Our Change…

Perseverance in completing that first draft it the first act of embarking on the journey of evolution we undergo each time we craft a story.

Thus we focus our energies and concentration on towards typing each word so that we might complete each sentence, craft every paragraph, shape each scene.

At this time, we, the writer must not fall under the spell of judgment and self-criticism of what we write.

Our goal is to remain open to the words coming through us. We must turn off the internal editor and write.


Of Crevices, Cracks and Teflon…

Symbols deepen what we, as readers, come to know and experience with a character. But what makes us feel with and for her, or him [the protagonist]–cry with them, scream for them, die with them? What ultimately moves and transforms us, the reader, along with the central character of a story, or novel? Certainly obstacles […]


The Aquarium of the Writing Group

Creative writing teacher Kendall Williams sees Morningside Writers’ Group as an aquarium where participants can embrace their vulnerabilities. Anyone who has ever tended and aquarium, particularly salt water aquariums, knows how delicate their atmosphere and the tedium required in maintaining a safe balance of salt to water along with other factors to ensure longevity of […]


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